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Firewood Logs
Wood Pellets

We producing premium quality charcoal, wood pellets and ready to burn kiln dried Firewood Logs. Our dry fuel is made from 100% sustainably sourced BSL/FSC certified timber with a low moisture content of less than 20% for an ideal fuel for your log boiler, wood burner or open fire whether you are heating your home or your business. We are producing all year around. Timber used: oak, birch and hornbeam.

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Charcoal Smokeless & Odorless
100% Hardwood

Our Firewood logs and Charcoal are made from Hardwood which burns longer and hotter leaving little ash.

Firewood High Density Oak Firewood
Low Moisture content

Timber with a low moisture content of less than 20% ideal heating fuel for your home or your business.

Pellets A1 Grade Wood Pellets

Grila guarantees a moisture content of less than 20%, producing fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and requiring less maintenance for appliances.

Grila Firewood
Spli Logs

We offering logs and it‘s some of the best firewood you can get because it‘s from oak trees. The wood from these trees extremely strong and dense, thats why it‘s makes it one of the best at producing a large amount of heat.

Stronger, denser firewood like this will burn hotter and very often burn longer than many other different types of wood.

Available in: 1.17, 2 or 3.1 m³ Crates

Grila EN Plus Pellets
A1 En Plus

Our company represents the largest pellets producers in the third countries. We have only and exclusive rights for their products distribution. We guarantee high quality ENplus certificated A1 class pellets and stable supply in accordance with the agreed quantities.

Available in: 10kg and 15kg bags

Grila Restaurant Grade Charcoal

We producing top quality restaurant grade charcoal. The charcoal is made from hardwood timber species. Our hardwood charcoal burns longer and hotter leaving very little ash. On top of that, our charcoal is smokeless and odorless. It is easy to light it without the use of chemical ignition fluids, which gives bad smell and taste to the food which is preparing. Quality is important to us, so we using mesh to ensure that the dust and small fraction have been reduced, leaving good sized lumps of Harwood charcoal. As a result our high quality charcoal giving joy when barbecuing and smoking food.

Available in: 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg bags




Long Burn

Easy to Ligh

Natural Hardwood

Fast-growing wood biofuel producer & supplier!

We offers a sustainable solution to businesses who are looking for fuel that produces low emissions without compromising on heat value. Whether you’re a producer of woodburning stoves and are looking for a high-quality fuel to recommend for use in your appliances or you own a garden centre, Grila have trade and wholesale services to meet your business needs.

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